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Changing the world by changing the way we shop.

We have traveled the world and seen horrible things and, frankly, we’ve been devastated by what we’ve seen and experienced. We were inspired to do something about it. 

It's time to make a difference.

If you can't feed a hundred people then just feed one

We believe that anyone can make a difference, regardless of where they are employed, or how much money they have, or where they live. If we integrate "doing good" into our daily lives, everyone benefits! It's this belief that drives us. That's why our slogan is "Shop and Do Good." It's because we believe that generosity should be a lifestyle, not an event. 

As doing our part, we offer coupons and special deals that will benefit people in need. The more successful we become as a business, the more people we get to help. 

But how are coupons and meals for children connected?

It costs between 30-50 cents to provide a meal for a hungry child, and about $30 a month can bring a child back from the brink of starvation in a third-world country. When administered in time, a life-saving formula made from peanut butter increases survival rates dramatically—as high as 95 percent.

And, there are coupons available for almost every store and product imaginable.

So we drew a connection. If people can give a meal every time they get a deal, we can make a big difference. By changing the way we shop a little bit, we can save money and provide a meal to a child in need. 

To be the boots on the ground for implementing this vision, we selected a few special organizations that are among the most credible and respected charities in the world, who specialize in feeding hungry and malnourished children. You can learn more about our friends by clicking on this link: Our Feeding Partners.

So Who Benefits? (the short answer, everyone!)
You Save Money

You save money.

Children Fed

Not only will they be fed nutritious meals, but they will be infused with hope.

Partner Organizations

Our partner organizations will be able to fulfill their mission of saving children's lives.

We Want To Help

We hope to make a profit so we can continue spreading the word and helping those in need.

A Little About Us

Save1 was started by a family who is passionate about making a difference and we want to share our passion with others.

Meet Todd and Joy Smith

Todd and Joy SmithMarried 27 years, Joy and Todd Smith are high-school sweethearts who’ve dedicated their lives to helping others. Along with their four children, the Smiths have played a vital role in feeding the homeless in their own community.

Joy’s calling has taken her to remote villages and developing countries around the world to care for women, orphans, and needy children.

Todd was first introduced to the needs of malnourished children around the world during his high-school years when he was working in the mailroom at Compassion International.

As a successful entrepreneur of 31 years, Todd recently shared his lessons for work and life in Little Things Matter: 100 Ways to Improve Your Life Today (Success Books, 2010).

Meet Danielle and Josh Cearbaugh

Josh and Danielle CearbaughThe Smith’s oldest daughter, Danielle, met her husband Josh while serving the poorest of poor in Mozambique. Josh is a co-founder of Save1 and brings a wealth of internet marketing and development experience to the team. Josh and Danielle have two energetic boys, Titus and Josiah.

Josh comes alive when doing missionary work, enjoys good sushi, and is giddy when he catches a fish bigger than Todd’s. He's the guy who constantly wonders why someone else didn’t create Save1 years ago.

Meet Gerrid and Jessica Smith

Gerrid and Jessica SmithAs the eldest son of Todd and Joy, Gerrid is a co-founder of Save1 along with Josh and Todd. However, this is not Gerrid’s first effort to help those in need. In 2009, he and Jessica started the Moju Project—an online merchandise business designed to help wipe out social injustices like hunger, malnutrition, and human trafficking. Gerrid built his career as an internet marketing specialist helping companies connect with their target market on the web.

In 2011, Jessica and Gerrid adopted their first child, Elijah, from Ethiopia. On September 1, 2012, they welcomed their second child, Samuel Asher Moshe. Moshe is his African middle name, so he and Elijah would share African names.

We invite you to join our team.

Please accept our sincere and heartfelt thanks for your interest in our website and mission! We’re confident that, if you choose to participate, you will be rewarded in more ways than one.

Here are some suggested steps to get started:

Familiarize yourself with our website and see how simple it is to find stores, use coupons, and start saving money.

Before you make any online purchase, visit our website to see if we have coupons that will save you money.

Help us spread the Save1 mission: Share our site on Facebook, Like our Facebook page, Tweet about us on Twitter, Share our story with your friends and family. Just do whatever you can to bring awareness to Save1. We appreciate your help more than you know!

Together, we can change the world by changing how we shop.

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