Changing the world by changing the way we shop.

We believe that anyone can make a difference, regardless of where they are employed, or how much money they have, or where they live. If we integrate "doing good" into our daily lives, everyone benefits! It's this belief that drives us. That's why our slogan is "Shop and Do Good." We believe that generosity can be a lifestyle.

How are coupons and meals for children connected?

It costs between 25-50 cents to provide a meal for a hungry child, and about $30 a month can bring a child back from the brink of starvation in a third-world country. When administered in time, a life-saving formula made from peanut butter increases survival rates dramatically—as high as 95 percent.

If people can give a day's worth of meal's every time they get a deal online, a big impact can be made. By changing the way we shop a little bit, we can save money and provide thousands of meals to children in need. 

To be the boots on the ground for implementing this vision, we selected a few special organizations that are among the most credible and respected charities in the world, who specialize in feeding hungry and malnourished children. You can learn more about our friends by clicking on this link: Our Feeding Partners.

Here are some suggested steps to get started:

  • Familiarize yourself with our website and see how simple it is to find stores, use coupons, and start saving money.
  • Before you make online purchases, visit our website to check out if we might have a coupon for you.
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Together, we can change the world by changing how we shop.