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By now, you probably understand the mantra of this site: you get a deal, and they get a meal. It's a simple way to make a big impact in the world. 

But shopping is just one way that you can provide meals and spread the goodness!

Below you'll see a bunch of ways that you can partner with us in stopping world hunger.


Share Save1 on Facebook

You can click on the Facebook icon on your profile page to share about the site. Every time you share save1 from your personal profile, we feed a child. Easy-Peasy. 

Here’s an example of what your share could say:

I just found out about a new coupon website called save1.com. They have coupons for a ridiculous amount of online stores, but here's the twist, each time you use a coupon or special offer, you save money and your purchase provides a meal to a hungry child. Check it out! I think you might be impressed.

Tweet Save1 on Twitter

If you are on Twitter, you can tweet about save1 and the mission. Here's an example:

Make a difference! Get a deal, give a meal. save1.com #coupons

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Saving money is fun, but doing good while saving money is priceless. save1.com #dogood

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You can make a big difference in childhood hunger by saving money at save1.com #coupon

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Coupons + Feeding Children = save1.com #getdealgivemeal 

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Tell your friends

Word of mouth is, and always will be, the best way to share about a business or new service. So if you feel motivated, please share what's happening at Save1, and how your friends might like to be a part of what is happening.


Forward our newsletter

When you receive our newsletter highlighting our best deals of the week and money-saving tips, consider sharing it with anyone you know who could benefit from one of the offers. We've found that including a note is helpful. Here's an example:

Hey Meghan,

I know Macys is one of your favorite stores. The newsletter attached has a coupon from them that may be of interest.

Even if you're not looking to buy anything soon, you might want to go to Save1 and check out their site. They offer coupons and special offers from thousands of top online stores. Every time you use one of their money-saving offers, they provide a meal to a hungry child.

I'm impressed with their site and what they are doing.

Anyway, just thinking of you!

Much Love,



Display a Save1 badge on your website

If you have a website, badges are a great way to share what you believe in . Not to mention, they look pretty darn cool. Follow this link Save1 Badges to see our selection of badges and posting instructions. 

Share our badges


Have media contacts? Awesome!

Do you know anyone who works in media, such as a newspaper, television network, or radio program? If so, we’d love it if you would tell them about Save1 and see if they would consider doing a story on us for their readers or listeners. If they are open to the idea, have them Contact Us for an interview.


Write an article

If you have a blog, articles are a great way to share what is happening. Let your creative juices flow in a story about businesses with social good components. That's good stuff right there! Submit a link to your article in the box below, and we'll provide 20 bonus meals on your behalf.

Your article will appear on See Who's Talking About Us once it is reviewed and approved.


Thank you for your consideration of partnering with us in these ways.  Together, we're going to change the world by changing the way we shop.

~ Your friends at save1