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Does it cost anything to use Save1’s coupons and special offers?

Absolutely not! They’re yours to enjoy. Save away.

How can I find the absolute best deals?

It's typically easiest to find the top deals when you are on a Category page. For example, if you’re looking for sunglasses, navigate to the “Sunglasses” category webpage to see which stores have the best deals.

How do I redeem the online coupons and special offers?

Just find the coupon or special offer you want to use and click, “Use this Offer”. When you do, you’ll see a small pop-up window with instructions.

To learn more, check out How to Use Our Coupons for the specific ways discounts can be applied.

Can I use more than one coupon or offer for my purchase?

Sadly, usually not. Although stores offer multiple coupons and coupon codes at one time, they typically frown upon you using more than one money-saving offer per order.

How often are your coupons updated?

When a store adds a new coupon or special offer, we typically add it within an hour. In other words, you have access to the most updated, screamin' deals available. 

What else should I know about using online coupons and special offers?

Ah, the fine print. You knew it was coming, but don’t worry, it’s really not that bad!

  • Special terms and conditions can exist. If a coupon isn't working, or doesn't seem to be applying, it may be because of restrictions imposed by the retailer.
  • Stores generally limit coupons to ‘one-time use.’ They do so by allowing a coupon to be used only once per store account, delivery address, credit card, or email address.
  • Some online coupons are limited to first time buyers only.
  • and Most coupons expire quickly, so you'll want to take advantage of the deals ASAP.

Why don’t you allow people to add coupons?

As our Save1 coupon gurus traveled the Internet near and far, they found that a great many coupons shared by user communities don’t work as advertised. We know—that stinks. Because our goal is to offer you the very best couponing experience possible, we’ve decided to not accept coupons that we haven’t tried and tested ourselves.

What does the “Success Bar” represent in the lower right corner of each coupon?

We can tell—it’s not where young professionals hang out after work. It actually represents the success rate users had for that specific coupon. We expect all our coupons to work as stated since they come directly from the stores or an authorized representative. We must admit, however, sometimes it’s just plain human error that we need to correct. Thanks for your understanding.

Why don’t you offer other types of coupons such as grocery coupons and printable coupons?

To that we say, “Patience, Grasshopper.” Save1 is still pretty new. We have a sincere desire to perfect the online coupon experience before we add other types of coupons. When we do, rest assured we’ll look to you to tell us what you need and how we can best provide it for you.

I received a coupon through a Save1 Email Alert or newsletter, but can’t find it on the site. What does this mean?

This is rare, but it does happen on occasion. Here are a few possible explanations:

  • The coupon has expired
  • The store removed the coupon and is no longer offering it
  • The coupon fell into the “Unreliable Coupons” category because it had a success rate of less than 50%

If curiosity gets the better of you and you must know more, click the “Unreliable Coupons” or “Expired Coupons” tabs below “Current Coupons” on the store’s Save1 webpage. It’s probably there lurking in a corner, licking its expired value wounds.

The link in the coupon/offer worked just fine, but my savings aren’t being applied at checkout. What should I do?

Sorry for the hassle, but we’ll do our best to help. If your savings are missing in action, please check the following:

  • Does your discount require a minimum order? You may need to make sure your order exceeds the minimum dollar amount before shipping costs and/or taxes.
  • Does your discount require a coupon code? These codes are case sensitive and don’t like change one bit, so make sure they’re entered exactly as displayed in the pop-up window instructions.
  • The letters "O" and "l" and numbers "0" and "1" have tripped up the best of us. If your code has any oh’s or eyes, zeroes or ones, you might want to double-check these. If your code is not working, then try pulling the old switcheroo (try the alternate character).
  • Still not working? We recommend contacting the store directly and speaking with a friendly customer service representative.
  • If the store’s customer service rep is unable to help you, please let us know by clicking the “No” button on the coupon at Save1. This lets us know when a coupon did not work. We take great pride in all of our coupons working, so believe us when we say we will get to the bottom of the problem.

How much does shipping cost?

Shipping charges vary by store and can be based on the weight of your order, the total amount of your order, or even the specific items you ordered. Shipping charges are always displayed during checkout. If you’re interested in finding out what the shipping fees would be for a particular order, please contact the store directly. 

Will I be charged sales tax?

Ok, this is another answer we do not have. Sales tax charged varies by store. As a rule, stores only charge sales tax if you live in the state where the store is headquartered. If you are going to be charged sales tax, it will be displayed during checkout. If you would like more information on the sales tax policy of a particular store, please contact the store's customer support directly.

What should I do if I need information on a recent purchase?

Because we only partner with the stores listed on our site, we are not able to answer any questions about the availability of a certain product or status of your order. If you have specific questions about a product or store, please contact the store's customer support directly.

What should I do if I have a problem with a purchase I made with a Save1 coupon?

Please contact the store that you made the purchase from directly to resolve any issues. 

How do I manage my email subscriptions or unsubscribe?

We’ve tried to make this as easy and hassle-free as possible. At the bottom of each newsletter or Email Alert you receive from Save1, you’ll see a link titled, Manage Your Subscriptions. This link will take you to the Manage Subscriptions page where you can, you know, manage your subscriptions.

How do the Email Alerts work?

First off, Email Alerts are awesome! They let you know as soon as your favorite stores offer new coupons or special offers. To get on the VIP list for Save1 Email Alerts, you need to sign up on each of your favorite store’s webpages. When you’re looking at deals from the Gap, Lumber Liquidators, or any other store, you’ll see a box titled ‘Email Alerts’ that appears in the left hand column after the first few active offers. Just enter your email address and you’re in! Whenever that store has a new coupon or offer, we’ll send you a personalized Email Alert toot sweet! (immediately).

How can I learn more about saving money online?

It's simple, read our Getting Started eGuide. It highlights the most effective ways to save money online and has lots of great tips to start saving today!

Does Save1 have a badge I can put on my website?

We sure do! And we’d love it if you put one of our badges on your website to let others know about Save1. Please visit Save1 Badges to see our selection of swell looking badges.

Can I advertise my company on Save1 or pay for preferred placement?

Nope! We are 100% focused on the user experience. This means we will only highlight the best deals we can find, not the one’s we are paid to promote. Read How We Bring Value to Our Merchant Partners to learn how your company can get FREE preferred placement on Save1.

What should I do if I have a question that you haven’t answered on this page?

You may find what you’re looking for in the Children Feeding FAQ. If not, just Contact Us and we’ll be more than happy to satisfy your inquiring mind.

Important! Please Read Me. Never proceed with any online purchase until you verify that your savings or coupon discount has been applied to your order in the final stages of checkout. You are 100% responsible for the amount of the transaction. Here’s a snippet our attorney told us we needed to tell people.

Coupons and promotions are provided by third party merchants and such merchants are responsible for individual offer disclosures and requirements. Coupons and promotions are subject to change or cancellation without notice. Interested consumers should verify their eligibility for merchant offers and discounts before completing any order. Neither Save1.com, nor its owner, employees, officers, directors or shareholders are responsible for monetary loss or any other type of injury arising from expiration, cancellation, restrictions or changes in terms of any coupons or promotions; errors or inaccuracies in the content of coupons or promotions; or other use of offers on this website.